Your LifeLine session

Sessions are usually about an hour.  It's a one-on-one experience with the client seated comfortably in a chair facing me.  First we talk briefly about what symptom or challenge brought you to my office. I ground you, we set the intention and I bridge a connection to your subconscious mind.  

What to expect in a LifeLine session

I will ask you questions throughout the session, and you are welcomed to verbalize your responses, or simply think them in your mind. As you connect to the questions I ask you, I muscle test and then respond with high-vibrational energy that floods your system and transforms the molecular structure of the water within your cells, freeing the stuck energy that created the symptom you are experiencing.

You may co-create the session by talking to me about how the energy and emotions are changing within you throughout the sessions, or you may choose to stay quiet and let my energy bathe you in loving, healing light.   You share what you want, and are never pressed for details of your story.  In fact, in depth explanation of the details of your story are not needed for healing to occur. The LifeLine is not "talk therapy"; your history doesn't matter. True, deep, and permanent healing occurs in the present moment, never in the past, never in the future.

I will spend time at the end of each session teaching you how to access your own healing potential through present time consciousness. In a session I simply move the stuck energy, but then, I give you the tools to change your thinking and hence to change your life. These tools of knowledge empower you to truly move through any life challenge with grace and courage. The session itself is powerful, and the knowledge gained is transformative.

What to expect afterwards

How many sessions does it take to heal? That depends on factors within you. Sometimes issues clear up in one session, sometimes they take more, depending on how deeply they reside within you and how much they have been reinforced in your life; and depending on how ready you are to change. Sessions are completely different every time.  Healing occurs in every session and most people do feel a change within themselves after the first session.  But the growth doesn't just happen in an hour long session; it continues after you leave my office. You have to be committed to your own personal healing journey. What this means is, you have to do the work to take care of yourself with the five basics of optimal health: food, water, exercise, rest and owning your power. You also have to learn to be the witness, to watch your thinking, and to stay present in challenging experiences. I show you how to do this, but you have to actually do it. I have clients who are transforming before my very eyes because they are ready, and want to change.


The fee for a 75-minute individual healing session is $80.00. Payment can be made by cash or check in person at the time of appointment, or by check or credit card in advance by clicking below.

Many of my clients find it advantageous to book a package of three sessions at $250, thereby saving money over the individual session cost.

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