The fee for an approximately 1 hour individual healing session is $80.00. Payment can be made by cash or check in person at the time of appointment, or by check or credit card in advance by clicking below.

Many of my clients find it advantageous to book a package of three sessions at $200, thereby saving money over the individual session cost.



session fee - $80  
3 session package - $200

Custom Payments

Use the form to the right for custom payments. Please be sure to indicate your name and exactly what the payment is for in the "Payment Notes".

* Payments made through this box are processed separately from the items above and will not be included in an order placed there.

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Payments through Paypal
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Please be informed that Melissa is a professional holistic healer, certified in the LifeLine Technique. She is not a physician, psychiatrist or any other type of medical practitioner, and the healing processes offered here are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

image Cancellation Policy

If you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, 48-hour notice is required in order to receive a refund and to give those on the waiting list a chance to schedule an appointment.

If cancellation is made less than 48 hours but at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment, a $50.00 cancellation charge will be applied.

Please note that sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance or failure to appear for a scheduled session does not relieve the obligation of payment in full, which will need to be paid before any future sessions can be scheduled. Additionally, future sessions will be subject to payment in advance.

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